Hire A Highly Trained Sales Development Team

When you hire qualifiedMEETINGS you get an executive level outsourced sales team that brings highly qualified leads. We do the leg work and hand your internal team hot leads without all the hassle of managing an entire sales team. We do the work and you get the sale!

How We Work

We recruit, train and manage your SDRs from our highly developed and proven sales process.
This customer centric playbook development and intelligent territory coverage get more leads faster with higher close rates.

Matt is a phenominal inside sales leader; thinks strategically, motivates a team to execute, and can scale-out an organization. At AccelOps, he produced stellar results as SDR team manager. He is hands-on, driven and knows how to adapt lead programs, processes and tools to be successful. It was a no-brainer to bring him to ForeScout. At ForeScout, we worked together to develop an effective sales development program. Matt was able to build a sizeable US and EMEA team where he crushed pipeline contribution expectations. He hires the right talent and enables them to be successful; earning respect from those that work for him, as well as kudos from sales and marketing. You can be rest assured that an SDR program will yield results with Matt at the helm.

– Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at RiskIQ

Better Results with Our Team of Professionals

Sales 100%
Unique Outbound Campaigns 100%

Our Guarantee

Our sales reps are trained to be highly accountable and communicative with their internal sales team to ensure we’re always following our process and maintaining a high level of integrity. We focus on the customer-centric sales methodology combined with a high velocity approach.