Building your sales program and don’t know where to start? Have a team in place and need help developing a process to drive predictable results? Let our team of experts develop your strategy and help you manage it along the way.

Let QM Help You Build Your Sales Program Internally! 

Through our 23/52 Program in a Box, you get access to our proven method of creating pipeline and managing your team to drive results.

We design the program, train your management team how to manage it and provide regular audits, coaching and training to ensure success.


We use our proprietary 23/52 Touch sales process to design a complete workflow for your team that also includes process, coaching, sales tool training, management training, sales strategy, sales playbook and much more!


We design a robust sales playbook that outlines our process and includes custom content for personas and vertical based messaging (e-mail templates, voicemail templates, call talk tracks).


You have your program, you have your team, now what? QM provides management training that helps you baseline expectations and manage to them. We can also help design your compensation plans that fit into your ultimate goals. Need to make hires? QM provides cognitive testing and interviewing to help you choose the best candidates.


When your program is built, your team will receive expert training on how to follow each and every step. This also includes customer centric sales methodology, role playing and our “story telling for personas and verticals” process to give your team everything they need to bring more qualified meetings to your pipeline.


Do you currently have sales tools in place but need to optimize them? Great! QM can share our best practices with you to ensure your tools are being used effectively. Don’t have sales tools and need help deciding on what to get and then get them up and running? QM partners with the best in the business and can save you time and money from having to sit through demo after demo. We are there to help with integrations and training once your tools are in place!

How Does The 23/52 Program in a Box Work?

We’ve designed a proven program for starting and managing a sales process that works ($1B in revenue generated to be exact!)

    1. Client Onboarding
      Conduct a deep dive meeting with your key stakeholders to start understanding your Go-To-Market strategy and Ideal Customer Profile.
    2. Product Education
      Gain an intimate knowledge of your product, key verticals, and personas. Why should they care?
    3. Program Building
      Create custom program using our proven sales systems. Use what we learned during onboarding to build a scalable program that will keep the pipeline full.
    4. CRM Integration
      Lightly customize the CRM of your choice to work with our system and allow for full visibility and complete reporting from lead creation to close.
    5. Content Strategy
      Create playbook that includes all sales scripts and templates, customized based on your key verticals and personas. We’ll know how to overcome every objection and what stories to tell and when.
    6. Training
      Using our proprietary 23/52 sales system, SDRs begins outreach efforts. We’ll start having meaningful conversations, setting our own Follow Ups, and learning from the leads that aren’t interested or become disqualified (and why!).
    7. Continuous Improvement
      Train your team to track and monitor data to improve and increase conversions. Evaluate which campaigns, verticals, personas, and lead sources are performing best. Replicate what works and pivot the team to focus on meetings that lead to revenue.