What We Do

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the Sales Development and Inside Sales space. From working directly for the CMO to the VP of Sales, qualifiedMEETINGS has discovered the keys to success and we are ready to share this knowledge with you.

We operate as an extension of your sales team – our only goal is to convert highly qualified opportunities that meet both of our standards. You’re investing in a proven process and full-service program that will predictably grow your pipeline, while simultaneously providing data intelligence, resulting in an improved go-to-market strategy based on real data and conversations. We recruit and train our reps to follow the Customer Centric sales methodology and align our coverage intelligently based on where you need to scale.

Meet Our Founders

Matt Wheeler qualifiedMEETINGS - IT and Software Lead Generation Expert

Matt Wheeler – CEO & Co-founder

Matt Wheeler is phenomenal visionary, highly skilled business associate, entrepreneur and a proven sales leader with vast sales experience of more than 20 years. He hails from Tampa, Florida Area and is the CEO and Co-founder of qualifiedMEETINGS. Matt is equipped with a wide range of impeccable skills and attributes that have assisted him in guiding numerous organizations on their journey to mergers, acquisitions and IPO.

Matt has worked specifically in IT sales for over 11 years and has immersed himself in Inside Sales, Sales Development, and Marketing every aspect of the business. From personally making over 250,000 outbound calls, managing over 3 million outbound calls and 10 million sales development activities via his SDR teams, Matt has developed a proven methodology known as qualifiedMEETINGS’ “23-52 Touch Process” that has accelerated organizations to achieve a combined $250M in new logo acquisition and pipelines in excess of $1B. He has developed effective strategies that have helped companies such as ForeScout Technologies, AccelOps & Netcordia (acquired by Infoblox), where he built a sales development programs from the ground up, generate generating millions in closed-won deals and rolling pipeline.

Under Matt’s leadership, qualifiedMEETINGS is currently working with some of the fastest growing IT and software companies in the US with offerings extending into both APAC and EMEA. The focus is on enhancing the performance of sales and marketing teams through high-velocity educational outbound with intelligence, streamlining of the process, providing complete transparency, and paving the way for a predictable pipeline to generate results.

Matt has received a wide number of acclamations for his role as the inside sales leader. He is immensely passionate about his career and believes sales is one of the best fields in the world. He loves the collaboration with clients to customize programs that will help them meet their individual business objectives, ultimately resulting in revenue.

Whitney Marshall - qualifiedMEETINGS Sales Development Services in Tampa, FL

Whitney Marshall – Executive Vice President & Co-founder

As a skilled professional, Whitney has extensive, in-depth experience specializing in Sales Development from a Client Engagement perspective. As the “foundation builder” for some of the most successful Sales Development programs in the IT industry, Whitney has developed and refined processes that ultimately lead the Sales Development program to be repeatable, scalable and continually functional through any employee changes with the utmost visibility and accountability.

“Working with companies who struggle to put intelligent process and standardization around outbound prospecting has provided me with a wealth of knowledge of this ever-growing commonality in organizations today. As industry sales approaches evolve with new methods and best practices, a program that can maintain integrity, revenue contribution and expansion through these changes has proven to be a critical component lacking in a growing number of businesses. With qualifiedMEETINGS, we are able to customize, implement and manage a process that is repeatable and scalable, all while providing intelligent analytics and the highest qualifiedMEETINGS for our customers’ pipelines”.

Whitney began her Client Engagement career with ForeScout Technologies where she co-developed, implemented and managed a program that streamlined onboarding, lead transfer, opportunity creation and analytics which was the foundation for exponential growth in new logo acquisition. Recently coming from CollabNet where she introduced and implemented the program management process for Sales Development, Whitney is bringing this highly sought after expertise to qualifiedMEETINGS. Her knowledge expands to companies that want to grow their pipelines year over year with a program that has proven results.