The Story of a Successful "Cold" Call: Getting Past Hello

SFRs face a daunting task.  Every day, they must contact strangers to establish a level of trust that leads to scheduling a meeting.  They call into busy, skeptical prospects, who think they just don’t need your help. This blog outlines a series of methods SDRs can use best prepare for cold calls into prospects to successfully move past “hello” and on to schedule the meeting.

August 21, 2020
Matt Paul, Sr. Sales Manager, qualifiedMEETINGS

Video Blog: The Age of Automation in SDR Processes

How do you automate your SDR processes? In this video blog, Matt Wheeler, Founder of QualifiedMEETINGS discusses how automation can be used to empower SDRs to make them ore effective and production.

July 12, 2019
Matt Wheeler, CEO & Founder, qualifiedMEETINGS

Qualified Questions with qualifiedMEETINGS

Matt Wheeler, originally from Annapolis, Maryland, brought over 20 years of experience to Tampa when he formed his new firm, qualifiedMEETINGS, where he helps enterprise IT and software companies enhance their sales and marketing teams and drive qualified meetings and sales.

Jan., 2018
Matt Wheeler, CEO & Founder, qualifiedMEETINGS

Matt Wheeler, CEO & Founder

Matt Wheeler is phenomenal visionary, highly skilled business associate, entrepreneur and a proven sales leader with vast sales experience of more than 20 years. He hails from Tampa, Florida Area and is the CEO and Co-founder of qualifiedMEETINGS. Matt is equipped with a wide range of impeccable skills and attributes that have assisted him in guiding numerous organizations on their journey to mergers, acquisitions and IPO.