How are your sales representatives trained?

  • Our sales reps are trained to be highly accountable and communicative with their internal sales team to ensure we’re always following our process and maintaining a high level of integrity. We focus on the customer-centric sales methodology combined with a high velocity approach.
  • qualifiedMEETINGS leverages your best resources in Sales, Marketing and Product/Engineering to get training from the best resources available. We prefer to receive recorded training sessions to free up your valuable resources while also giving us content to continually test and improve our own sales knowledge.
  • Weekly and monthly training is ongoing as we have experts in various high-tech fields come on site for training sessions.

What kinds of reporting can I expect to receive?

  • Our sales team is on the front lines. Our thousands of activities are tracked, recorded and reported on to give you valuable data intelligence.
  • Lead Source ROI
  • Conversion ratios at various persona & vertical levels
  • Pipeline contribution from SDRs, Marketing
  • Call, Conversation and Activity ratios

How much do your services cost?

We do not publish our prices as they are based on the individual customer and their needs.

Please contact us for additional information at

How are your teams structured?

  • 3-Pod
  • 6-Pod
  • 10-Pod

Our Professional Outsourced Development team (POD) model is structured to effectively cover territories. qualifiedMEETINGS has a suggested territory coverage map but can also have customized coverage based on your organization’s territory mapping.

How many leads can you handle at once?

  • It depends on your mix of leads and where you need to focus on growth. We may select a smaller group of leads to target from an Outbound perspective to compliment what you have coming Inbound. Are you scoring your inbound leads? Is your scoring accurate? Are sales reps following up with leads now? If so, how frequent and how many touches before moving on? This number may vary greatly depending on where you need to grow, how many leads you have coming inbound, what their activity level is and the quality of those leads to convert to real product sales.

How will you integrate or work with our CRM?

  • We prefer to have a login with your CRM and work as an extension of your team. Our reps will have email aliases to match your organization and will track all activities within your CRM to allow for accountability, visibility and accurate reporting.
  • We can also work within our own database and provide you with reports.

Do you sell lists of leads?

  • We act as an extension of your team, setting highly qualified opportunities with accounts, verticals and territories that your organization has targeted as high value to enter your pipeline. We are able to import leads and search out new decision makers using a 3rd party database through our preferred partner.

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