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Qualified Questions With qualifiedMEETINGS – Matt Wheeler

Matt Wheeler qualifiedMEETINGS

Originally from the Annapolis, Maryland area, Matt Wheeler has had over 20 years of experience in sales world. He has received a wide number of acclimations for his role as an inside sales leader and is immensely passionate about his career. As the CEO of qualifiedMEETINGS, he works with the best enterprise IT and software companies to enhance their sales and marketing teams.

  • What makes Tampa the perfect location for QM?
    • I looked at Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh and Tampa. After coming here and then reading more and more about
      the business community, plus the impact that the Tampa Bay Lighting owner – Jeff Vinik was having, along
      with his relationship to the Gates Foundation, I wanted to be part of the Tampa business revolution. One
      article in general talked about how Vinik saw Tampa as a little Silicon Valley, half the cost, all the
      waterfront and full of talent. We fell in love quickly and set up shop in Fishhawk right outside of
      Tampa and started networking.
    • Forbes Magazine: Tampa, FL is the next silicon valley
  • Where do you see QM in five years?
    • 125 Employees supporting enterprise software companies as outsourced sales dev reps, a full
      software inside sales and sales dev rep recruiting service and pairing up with a local
      university to build a state of the art IT Sales training program that will not only help
      recreate the IT community here in Tampa, it will also bring folks from all over the country to
      Tampa for 1-2-week training that’s followed up by online certification.
  • Who is your personal hero?
    • Don Pyle, he was my mentor and good friend for 15 years. Don was the very first sales rep for
      Juniper, now a multi-billion-dollar company. In all, he held the positions of Executive VP of
      Infoblox, CEO is Netcordia, CEO of Laurel Networks, and VP of Juniper Networks. He was a “hand
      up,” not a “hand out” kind of leader, which I emulate as CEO of qualifiedMEETINGS. Don, his wife
      Sandy and their 4 grandkids tragically passed in a house fire back in 2015. After that loss, I
      decided not to sit around dreaming, and that life is too short and I needed to look at somewhere
      new to raise my 4 kids and to launch qualifiedMEETINGS.
  • What’s the best and worst piece of advice you have ever received?
    • The best piece of advice was given to me by Bill Conner’s from one of the earlier IT companies I worked
      internally for. Bill was big on making the most of every single minute, every hour and every day. I took
      that literally and we’re building our business off of this.
    • Worst advice, I likely get bad advice all the time, as a CEO now and a guy with a CEO mentality even as
      a junior employee, I hold myself accountable for every decision and I use the good to improve on and the
      bad decisions to help me doing the same foolish things over again.
  • If life is a game, like some people say, what are some of the rules?
    • Play the game hard with intensity, always keep your integrity levels high and always be yourself.
  • If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future? Why?
    • Future, see what latest technologies are going to be a big hit and change the world one day earlier…