Stop struggling with setting up sales programs on your own.
Let our team of experts create and manage the process for you.

Let QM Build Your Inside Sales or Sales Development Program

Through our Custom Inside Sales and Sales Development Programs, we set up an effective and scaleable sales systems for your business.

We design the program,
provide the team, and manage the entire process for you.


We use our proprietary sales data, tools, and systems to design a complete workflow for your sales processes.


We design a robust sales playbook that outlines our process and includes custom content for personas, case stories, and scripts.  


Our partnership is more than a business relationship. We act as an extension of your team and train SDRs to represent your company.


Our system is not one-size-fits-all. Our programs are always customized to match your unique brand, offerings, and customer bases.


We provide a team of expert sales development representatives that have gone through our rigorous sales training programs.


Because we become a part of your team, we always provide a five-star experience on behalf of your brand.

How Does Our Custom Sales Program Work?

We’ve designed a proven system for starting and  managing a sales process that works.

  1. 1. Client Onboarding
    Conduct a deep dive meeting with your key stakeholders to start understanding your Go-To-Market strategy and Ideal Customer Profile.
  2. 2. Product Education
    Gain an intimate knowledge of your product, key verticals, and personas. Why should they care?
  3. 3. Program Building
    Create custom program using our proven sales systems. Use what we learned during onboarding to build a scalable program that will keep the pipeline full.
  4. 4. CRM Integration
    Lightly customize the CRM of your choice to work with our system and allow for full visibility and complete reporting from lead creation to close.
  5. 5. Content Strategy
    Create playbook that includes all sales scripts and templates, customized based on your key verticals and personas. We’ll know how to overcome every objection and what stories to tell and when.
  6. 6. Start Outreach
    Using our proprietary 23/52 sales system, SDRs begins outreach efforts. We’ll start having meaningful conversations, setting our own Follow Ups, and learning from the leads that aren’t interested or become disqualified (and why!).
  7. 7. Provide Qualified Meetings
    Start scheduling meetings with qualified leads. We’ll only setup meetings that meet your qualification criteria so no one on your team is spending time with unqualified leads.
  8. 8. Continuous Improvement
    Track and monitor data to improve and increase conversions. Evaluate which campaigns, verticals, personas, and lead sources are performing best. Replicate what works and pivot the team to focus on meetings that lead to revenue.

What Our Customers Say

“qualifiedMEETINGS’ executive team are phenomenal inside sales leaders; thinking strategically, motivating teams to execute, and can scale-out an organization. Matt and his team crushed pipeline contribution expectations. He hires the right talent and enables them to be successful; earning respect from those that work for him, as well as kudos from sales and marketing. You can be rest assured that an SDR program will yield results with qualifiedMEETINGS at the helm.”

– Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at Pulse Secure

“Matt is by far the best director of sales development I’ve ever worked with. He is 200% dedicated to managing and assuring that his team is effective in meeting the goals set, and always delivered high results. qualifiedMEEETINGS is a true partner in the lead generation process, very supportive of lead generation programs, and a critical part in driving leads quickly through the process. qualifiedMEETINGS would be a great asset to any technology company looking to establish an effective, successful sales development strategy.”

– Lynn Anderson, Director of Marketing Communications at RiskIQ

“Producing quality and qualified sales meetings for a sales teams is an art. It takes the right formula, exclusive for each company and sales team. qualifiedMEETINGS has a PhD in creating winning formulas for qualified sales meetings. I’ve worked with Matt and his team closely at two companies and their meeting generation programs are second to NONE.

Forget building it yourself…let qualifiedMEETINGS, Matt and his team produce unbelievable results for you and your company!”

– Michael Mullins, President at Velocity Salesforce