qualifiedMEETINGS Solutions

How We Help


We become a part of your team and create a robust, high-velocity with intelligence sales program tailored to fit your brand, offerings, and client base.


We turn your team into rockstar reps as we diagnose your challenges, build a process, and leave you with a handbook and key metrics to execute against.  


We help your team succeed by training them on our proprietary systems, tools, and processes so they become an unstoppable salesforce.

We’re Trusted By

What our Customers Say

“qualifiedMEETINGS’ executive team are phenomenal inside sales leaders; thinking strategically, motivating teams to execute, and can scale-out an organization. Matt and his team crushed pipeline contribution expectations. He hires the right talent and enables them to be successful; earning respect from those that work for him, as well as kudos from sales and marketing. You can be rest assured that an SDR program will yield results with qualifiedMEETINGS at the helm.”

– Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at Pulse Secure

“Matt is by far the best director of sales development I’ve ever worked with. He is 200% dedicated to managing and assuring that his team is effective in meeting the goals set, and always delivered high results. qualifiedMEEETINGS is a true partner in the lead generation process, very supportive of lead generation programs, and a critical part in driving leads quickly through the process. qualifiedMEETINGS would be a great asset to any technology company looking to establish an effective, successful sales development strategy.”

– Lynn Anderson, Director of Marketing Communications

“Producing quality and qualified sales meetings for a sales teams is an art. It takes the right formula, exclusive for each company and sales team. qualifiedMEETINGS has a PhD in creating winning formulas for qualified sales meetings. I’ve worked with Matt and his team closely at two companies and their meeting generation programs are second to NONE.

Forget building it yourself…let qualifiedMEETINGS, Matt and his team produce unbelievable results for you and your company!”

– Michael Mullins, President at Velocity Salesforce